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Regardless of whether you choose a light, medium or dark film, GJ autoworks Window Films will give your car a beautiful, desirable look & increase its resale value. To get a quote for window tinting please call us on 01903 251297
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GJ autoworks are a longtime car care specialist, GJ autoworks offers four outstanding automotive films series in a variety of shades, to satisfy every request. There are many reasons to use automotive window film. adding privacy to a vehicle, customizing the design & look of the car, protecting children & pets from heat and glare, saving energy and money on air conditioning… While your car looks hot from the outside, you will stay cooler on the inside.

People tint their vehicles for a variety of reasons, so whether you’re a fashion conscious driver for the safety of your passangers & pets. there is sure to be a great reason to tint your car - here are just some of the many advantages of window tinting.

Increase the comfort of your vehicle, Especially good if you’ve got children or pets in the back,tinted windows can reduce the heat that enters the car by up to 46% (using a 5% limo film). This puts less strain on air conditioning and enables the vehicle to cool more rapidly, even when the temperature is high outside.

All our films block 99% of UV rays which we all know thats a good thing.Additionally, the combination of UV rays and solar heat can cause the interior of your vehicle to fade and plastics to deteriorate and crack. tinting your windows can keep your car looking younger for longer.

Another biggy for the parents & pet owners,worth considering tinting your vehicle, glass is tempered, which means that if it breaks, it shatters. Window film will hold the glass in place, protecting anyone on the inside from injury,

Enhance the look, with numerous of other benefits, some people just like the aesthetic of tinted windows, and fair enough - it can completely change the look of your vehicle and give a bit of a lift to older vehicles.

The most obvious advantage of window tinting. is making it difficult for prying eyes to see what is beyond the window. On normal circumstances, a car burglar is always motivated to commit a theft when he`s able to see what is inside the car.

Window Tinting Law for UK Cars

Car window tinting is very popular. Most manufacturers now offer options for car window tints when you buy a new car. However, it can be expensive so it's not surprising that aftermarket window tinting is very popular.

If you decide to choose a third party to tint your car windows it is important that you get the job done right. And in the UK there are window tinting laws governing what is acceptable to make your car "road legal".

UK car window tinting law states that car windows allow at least:

  • 75 per cent of light through the front windscreen
  • 70 per cent of light through the front side windows

Most people tint the back passenger windows. In this case the rules don’t apply.

If you don’t follow the rules you may find yourself with a fine from the Police. They have the powers to issue fixed penalty fines; give you an enforcement notice, or a court summons. All of which means you can’t use your car. And forget selling a car with illegally tinted windows. It’s against the law and you may be prosecuted.

Please refer to the UK Government website for further details on UK window tinting laws

All our installations are carried out by trained staff, giving the highest possible finish and allowing us to offer up to lifetime warranties when using many of our car window tints.


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